Nonwood Pulping

Taizen Co., Ltd. has succeeded in developing nonwood fiber pulping technology which enables the production of high quality chemi-mechanical pulp with minimum environmental impact at low cost. This patented technology has been tested on various nonwood fibers including rice straw, wheat straw, kenaf, bagasse, oil palm fiber, bamboo, pineapple fiber, etc. The Taizen system has been proven to work for pulping of all the nonwood fiber materials that have been tested.

Nonwood Pulp PlantAs said above, Taizen’s method is Chemi-Mechanical pulping.
The basic concept of Chemi-Mechanical Pulping is simultaneous fiber separation and alkali treatment to weaken the bond between fibers. Nonwood plant fibers contain less lignin than wood, so that defibration becomes easy during weak alkali treatment. Most of the lignin and hemicelluloses stay intact within the fiber wall. The results is a high pulp yield compared to conventional chemical pulping. The environmental impact of the process is low since dissolved organic materials are minimal and chemical usage is little.
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