Paper Recycling

Despite of the increased demand for deinking technology, most of kneaders on the market are not effective enough to remove inks and stickies.
Our paper recycling technology and deinking technology are highly valued throughout the industry worldwid. Our machines are all original and were developed by Taizen Co., Ltd. based on its unique concepts. Taizen’s deinking technology is well known for high efficiency, low energy consumption, low environmental impact and high quality. We have sold numerous deinking machines and constructed many deinking plants worldwide.

Taizen products are outlined below.
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1. New Taizen Kneader
New Taizen consists of three cylindrical kneaders, in which the waste paper stock is mixed at high consistency, and kneading and dispersing action are applied.
 New Taizen
2. Taizen Vertical Separater Washer
This washing machine effectively performs dehydration,  kneading, rubbing fibers and replacing with fresh water, not allowing clogging and insufficient washing.
 3. Dissolving Machine Archon
A shredder system built in this machine, different from a conventional type, does not leave any printed words after putting documents into a shredder enabling further high-level maintenance of confidentiality.
 4. Taizen Cylinder Press
This Double-Cylinder Type Dewatering Machine, incorporating with an air pressurerizing system and an inverter control, realizes higher concentration, stable quality and higher yield.
 Cylinder Press